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Removal and Disposal of Redundant Equipment

Recent changes in legislation have made it essential that redundant laboratory apparatus and even office equipment must be disposed of using a registered waste carrier, who can provide you with documentation to prove that the items you have cleared from your lab have been disposed of in accordance with the law.

The new WEEE regulations stipulate that old PC's and monitors, photocopiers and even the broken kettle in your tearoom must be dealt with properly.

For many years we have been removing and disposing of all categories of freezer and refrigerator under the amended Waste Control Regulations that define the requirements for disposal of equipment containing CFC's as either a refrigerant or a blowing agent used in the insulation. This type of insulation is also found in other equipment: insulated shakers, and COČ incubators for example.

Items for disposal
HRH Logistics - years of experience as a registered waste carrier

Your situation in regard to the legislation is complicated by the need to decontaminate equipment for disposal and prove you have done so. We can supply the decontamination documentation needed.

As well as cost, the disposal of old equipment creates an administrative burden. HRH Logistics, waste carrier's licence Nr: TNE/377078, can deal with the considerable amount of paperwork needed to comply with the law, on your behalf as part of our service. To reduce costs, we have a separate secure storage area where all equipment for disposal is held safely inside on a sealed concrete floor. In this way we can assemble bulk loads for delivery to, or collection by, our various recycling contractors, saving on unit costs and helping to meet our own aim of reducing road journeys to reduce congestion and COČ emissions.

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