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On Site Relocations

When you need to move a single item of large apparatus, or perhaps re arrange a laboratory or department, you are faced with real safety issues. Not just the inevitable legal requirements of risk assessments and method statements, but the immutable laws of physics. Try to do this using your own people without the right equipment and training and you could cause serious injury and expensive damage.

The days are long gone when you could call on an in house "heavy gang" to do this kind of work. You face the same liability issues if you employ a local removal company with no experience of laboratory work.

The simple answer is to call HRH Logistics.

Re-locating equipment on site
HRH Logistics - the simple answer to relocations...

Even if your laboratory is situated hundreds of miles from our base in Hertford; or even if you think the job is too small for us to be interested, we can still help you.

We can arrange for one of our teams that travel throughout the UK every week delivering and installing new equipment, to fit your job into their daily schedule. With the range of lifting and handling equipment and the huge experience the team can bring to bear on the task, they will complete the job with a minimum of disruption to your work.

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