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Delivery and Installation

HRH Logistics delivers and site positions new laboratory apparatus for manufacturers. Our clients use us for all types of deliveries, but we are frequently called in for the jobs that call for more than a straightforward, "drop it and hop it" service. In short, we do the jobs that other, more conventional, carriers cannot, or do not want to do.

Last few metres to the point of use
We will take it those last, important few metres to the point of use.

In many cases a supplier may have a contract with a large national carrier, but will call us in on a one off basis to deal with a difficult installation. This may require us to collect and deliver, or we might send a team after the usual contractor has dropped the unit off at the end users premises, and we will take it those last, important few metres to the point of use.

Equipment being delivered
We do the jobs that others cannot, or will not do

Where we make huge savings for suppliers is in our ability to deliver fragile equipment with minimal packaging. Over the course of twenty five years we have delivered and site positioned literally thousands of -80 freezers, packed with no more than cardboard corner pieces and shrink wrap, throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe without a single insurance claim. The savings for the manufacturer now run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. The volume of packaging that has not had to be consigned to landfill sites is calculated as being the equivalent in volume of nearly two hundred ISO shipping containers. As pressure grows on manufacturers to reduce packaging this in itself adds value to our service.

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